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How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits With Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can be a seriously incapacitating condition involving the nerves which  transmit information to and from the brain and  spine  and  other parts of the body.

The affected nerves not only can  produce pain,  but can  also cause deficiencies in joint and muscle regulation.

Peripheral neuropathy can profoundly  affect your ability to feel and function, often drastically limiting your ability to sit, walk, stand, carry, grasp or  handle objects.

Your doctors  will perform, or order the performance, of  physical and  neurological exams, so as  to be  enabled to properly diagnose peripheral neuropathy,  and will explore  with you possible underlying causes for your condition.

The Social Security Administration will take into account both the condition and its underlying causes in determining your entitlement to disability benefits.

Under Social Security guidelines, Social Security will first determine if your peripheral neuropathy  is characterized by   tremors or other  involuntary movements in at least two of your limbs,  which  seriously interfere with the  sustained performance of  fine and gross motor movements, or which cause so  sustained a  disturbance of  gait or station as to prevent effective standing or walking.

The  Social Security Administration bases its evaluations on how well you can manage work..  Thus, you will need supporting evidence that your neuropathy is so severe and   so limits your activities as to prevent you from participating in significant work -related functions.

If  you do not fully meet the “listings”  criteria set forth in the regulations, you may still qualify for disability benefits  if it is found that, based on your functional limitations, age, and education, you are unable to return to your past work and are incapable of transitioning to a different type of work.

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