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What important  Steps You Can Take  to Help Your Case

As someone seeking a favorable decision on a disability claim, you certainly want  to make sure that you are doing all that you  can to help your New York disability attorney  put together the best possible case. Taking the following steps, will strengthen your case and increase your odds of success.

Make sure that you cooperate with your lawyer to properly complete and arrange for the prompt  return  all forms related to your disability claim. This includes not only the initial application and related forms, but also any questionnaires about your medical/work history or current physical/mental limitations. Incomplete or late forms can delay the claims process.

Remember, you must review  the  completed  forms with your lawyer before  you submit  them.  He or she  will be able to assure that you are providing  complete and accurate information.

It  is important that the people receiving and evaluating these forms,and processing our case,are impressed  with your honesty and consistency.concerning  what you write and what you say. Social Security decision-makers might question your credibility if you are inaccurate or inconsistent, and if you are not believed, you are more  likely not  to receive benefits.

Make a list of people who are aware of your disabilities  and their  effects on your life. Do not limit yourself to only people who are close to you, such as family members or friends. Social Security may  consider the testimony of neutral individuals like supervisors or vocational counselors to be most credible. After you have decided who  might best  be able to vouch for you, select people who think would make good in-person witnesses from the list  and  who should be  asked   to write letters on your behalf. Your New York disability attorney will help you select these people, and prepare for the necessary  written submissions and  testimony.

The most important thing that you can do to help your case is to keep your New York disability attorney informed. If you need help with your disability claim, call Herbert Forsmith at (212) 809-1772 or (845) 278-2896 for a free consultation.