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What an Experienced New York Disability Lawyer Can Do for You

An experienced New York disability lawyer will know how to obtain the information that Social Security needs to make a favorable decision. This includes:

  • Gathering the right documents, especially ones which Social Security may have overlooked, that relate to your medical, school, and work history.
  • Preparing questions for your doctors to ensure that they are providing all of the information you need for your case.
  • Arranging for a visit with a medical specialist if you have not been evaluated by the right kind of doctor or are experiencing symptoms that cannot be explained by your current diagnosis.
  • Sending you to see a vocational expert to professionally determine if you can work, what kind of work-related tasks you could perform, and if there are any jobs that you still could do.

After compiling all of the relevant evidence, your New York disability lawyer will create a winning strategy based on a thorough analysis of the information. Additionally, your New York disability attorney will prepare both you and any potential witnesses for testimony. At the actual hearing, your New York disability lawyer will be able to:

  • Question any witnesses, including you.
  • Submit spoken and written arguments to the administrative law judge.
  • Object to improper evidence.
  • Cross-examine Social Security’s medical and vocation experts.

An experienced New York disability lawyer will be able to provide specific advice in regards to your disability claim. For a free consultation, fill out the free claim evaluation form on the right of this page; you can also call (212) 809-1772 or (845) 278-2896.