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What Your New York Disability Lawyer Cannot Do at Your Hearing

Your New York disability lawyer  usually will not  try to  speed up your Social Security disability hearing.  He wants the Judge to be persuaded, and it sometimes takes a  little longer for that to happen.

Generally speaking, hearings last 60 minutes or less. In certain circumstances, they can last up to an hour and a half, but they seldom take more than 90 minutes.

Although your New York disability attorney can press for an early decision, he does not want the judge  to rush to judgment at the price of justice. In most cases, a decision takes at least a month to reach you.

Under the best of circumstances, the judge may  issue   bench decision, which means a decision that is favorable to you made at the hearing; the summary of this decision usually arrives by mail within a week of the hearing.

If your New York disability attorney thinks that  your decision has been unusually delayed,  he can contact the Social Security Administration office to ensure that your file has not been lost.

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