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What Your New York Disability Lawyer Does at Your Hearing

At a hearing, during the time in which you testify, the more information that you are able to provide, the better the judge will get to know you and your situation. In addition, it lends credibility to a case when you speak and present yourself naturally. The Judge will probably ask a number of questions. Your? New York disability lawyer will? ask questions if he or she thinks that you need to speak further, to clarify,? elaborate upon? something, , or to satisfy the Judge’s concerns.

In? the case of witnesses, your New York disability attorney will likely be questioning? more. Your New York disability attorney will question both the witnesses that you have brought and any expert witnesses that have been called by the judge. In addition, he or she may make a written or spoken closing argument, although? a well-developed case often precludes the need for a closing argument. Your New York disability? attorney may also file post-hearing briefs.

You and? your New York disability attorney will? do a good deal f collaborative preparation before the hearing. An important part of your? New York disability attorney?s job is to build your case before the hearing? through legal and medical research, ?? through preparation of? you and your witnesses to testify, and through the? gathering and presentation of? medical records.

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