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Am I Disabled Enough to Qualify for New York Social Security Disability Benefits?

One of the questions that New York disability lawyers hear frequently is, “Am I disabled enough to qualify for benefits?” This is a hard question to answer. Social Security Administration rules and regulations are complex and may seem daunting. Here are a few general guidelines that can help.

It becomes easier to qualify for Social Security disability benefits as you get older. If you’re over age 55 and have a medical condition that keeps you from doing any job you have done in the past 15 years, you should apply. If you’re older than 50 but younger than 55, you will need to show that you are unable to do all but the easiest jobs.

Even if you are under 50, you don’t need to be bedridden to qualify for New York Social Security disability benefits. You just need to show that you cannot perform any of your past jobs or work full-time at any job that exists in significant numbers in the national economy.

Keep in mind that the Social Security Administration won’t consider arguments that you can’t find a job, that a job doesn’t pay enough for you to support yourself or your family, or that you don’t like a particular job. They are only concerned with your ability to physically and mentally perform a job’s required duties.

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