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How to Apply for New York Social Security Disability Benefits

When you apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, make sure that you fill out all paperwork and answer all questions in a frank fashion. You should be completely honest and not over or understate your impairment. Part of the application is the Disability Report, which is a form where you explain how your medical condition prevents you from working. If you are an applicant under 50 years of age, this explanation has to elaborate why you are unable to do any jobs that you have done within the past 15 years, as well as why you are unable to do easy full-time jobs.

The application process itself can be done in any one of three ways: online, in person, and via telephone. An online application can be completed anytime at your convenience via the Social Security Administration website. An application for Social Security disability benefits can be completed online, but an application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cannot. You can, however, complete one of the other forms needed for SSI, the Adult Disability and Work History Report, on the website.

If you choose an in-person or telephone application, you will need to begin with a telephone call to the Social Security Administration’s main office. The person at the call center there will be able to schedule an appointment for you either for an office visit for the in-person application or a telephone call for a phone application. If you schedule an in-person visit, the person at the SSA call center will give you a time and date, directions to the office, and information on what you will need to bring; a telephone appointment simply means knowing a date and approximate time during which a representative from a Social Security office will be calling you.

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