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Peripheral Arterial Disease

Another common vascular impairment among diabetics is peripheral arterial disease (PAD). This is discussed in Listing 4.12. Meeting this listing requires you to present medically acceptable imaging (like a Doppler study) supporting your diagnosis. You will also need to have a resting ankle/brachial systolic blood pressure ratio of less than 0.50; a 50 percent decrease in ankle systolic pressure during exercise; a resting toe systolic pressure of less than 30 mm Hg; or a resting toe/brachial systolic blood pressure ratio of less than 0.40.

Winning Benefits Based on Residual Functional Capacity

If this all sounds very technical, it is. Winning benefits by meeting a listing is mostly based on the contents of your medical records. A New York disability lawyer can help you by making sure your records are in order, soliciting your doctor’s opinion, and recommending other medical tests that can prove you are disabled.

It is also possible to win benefits without meeting a listing. This requires you to show that you are unable to work because your residual functional capacity (RFC) is too low. Your RFC is essentially the work you can do in spite of your disability.

Winning benefits based on a low RFC will require you to present evidence of how your symptoms affect you personally. A New York disability lawyer can help you prepare for your disability hearing. He can also determine what you will need to prove to the SSA and what evidence you can use. For a free evaluation of your claim, please fill out the form at the top of this page or call Herbert Forsmith at (212) 809-1772.