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Can I Get Disability Benefits for Cardiomyopathy? (Page Four of Four)

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Meeting Listing 4.05 for Arrythmia

Compared to the multi-part Listings 4.02 and 4.04, Listing 4.05 is relatively straightforward. It requires you to experience recurrent arrhythmias resulting in uncontrolled, recurrent episodes of cardiac syncope or near syncope, documented by appropriate medical testing.

If You Don’t Meet a Listing

If your cardiomyopathy is not severe enough to meet one of the relevant listings, you may still receive benefits if you can show that your condition “medically equals” a listing. The SSA will consider the overall effect of all your physical and mental conditions. Cardiomyopathy is usually caused by other types of heart disease, and it may be possible for you to medically equal a listing if your cardiomyopathy and the other heart disease are sufficiently severe together.

If you do not meet or medically equal a listing, you may still be able to qualify for disability benefits if you can show that you are unable to work. The SSA weighs medical evidence heavily when making this decision, but they will also consider factors like your age, education, work experience, and how your cardiomyopathy affects your daily activities. A medical opinion form from your treating doctor can be helpful, as can the testimony of friends, family, or other witnesses. A New York Social Security disability attorney can help you determine the best way to present your claim.

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