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What Other Important Steps You Can Take To Help Your Case

One of the best things you can do to ensure that your New York disability attorney will be able to build a strong case for you is to stay on task  with  regard to your medical treatment and records.

If, for any reason, you are not willing to  comply with  a  treatment recommendation or referral  given by your doctor, immediately consult with your New York disability, and discuss the  effect, if any, this may have upon y;our case Some reviewers may attempt  denial of benefits based on the logic that if your condition were disabling, you would have properly pursued treatment. However, you don’t always have to follow your doctor’s treatment advice to receive disability benefits. Your lawyer will explain.

So that the medical condition causing your disability can be evaluated and properly documented, make and keep all appointments with your doctor. Without  detailed  medical records documenting your condition, treatment,  and responses to treatment, over time,  it is  more difficult to prove that you are, or have been , disabled. Additionally, if the disability examiner assigned to your case arranges for you to undergo  medical examination or testing, you must keep these  appointments.Just let your lawyer know about these appointment as soon as you know about them. He will likely want to arrange for the reports of examination to be sent to him.

Medical records from your doctor are not the only treatment-related documents that can help your case. A daily record of your symptoms can be used as proof, so you should regularly keep an updated  symptom diary.

Additionally, the Social Security Administration requires a record of any medications that you are taking, so either save all of your pill bottles and packages or maintain a list of medications.

Often, if  you use only one or two druggists, their computer medication  print-outs , can be helpful.

Keep track of contact information for any health care providers (medical facilities or professionals) related to your treatment, as well as the dates of all medical treatment, all of which could be used to verify the medical records obtained by Social Security.Be sure to keep  all in-patient and out-patient  identification numbers, and clinic cards.

Both medical paperwork that you provide and your actions as a patient are proof in your disability claim. To find out what else could help you get approved for disability benefits, call (212) 809-1772 or (845) 278-2896 for a free consultation with an experienced New York disability lawyer.

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