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The Social Security Administration’s Criteria for Evaluating Pain in New York and Connecticut  Disability Cases

Pain  is usually subjective. Rarely is there objective medical evidence to support a reliable quantification of your pain or other symptoms.. Therefor the Social Security Administration utilizes special  criteria for evaluating pain which you might  not   expect. For this reason,, if chronic pain, is an important reason for your inability to function adequately  you should  consult a New York disability lawyer to determine whether you have a good Social Security disability case. In particular, Social Security uses a two-part test: (1) first, it examines objective medical evidence to ensure that you have a “medically determinable impairment” that could reasonably be expected to produce the  pain  or other symptoms you describe; and (2) then, it takes into fair  account the entirety of the evidence to evaluate the nature  and probable severity of your pain and how  it cold reasonably be expected as to   limit your ability to work are your former relevant  or other jobs. The first part examines “medical signs and laboratory findings, established by medically acceptable clinical or laboratory diagnostic techniques” (such as physical exams or an EKG). Such objective medical evidence must show that you are suffering from a “medically determinable impairment” that is expected to cause pain or other symptoms you describe. The second part examines whether all available evidence supports your claims as to the persistence and intensity of your condition and how your pain  limits your work. This evidence includes: (1) medical records; (2) statements from you, your doctors, and others regarding your medication, treatment, and the effects of your pain and other symptoms  on your ability to perform  daily activities, and work;-related  functions  and (3) any other relevant information. If the Social Security Administration finds that your pain  and other symptom-related restrictions on your ability to work are sufficiently  consistent with  the evidence  presented, it will determine that you are disabled and approve your application for disability benefits. An experienced New York/Connecticut disability lawyer is in the best position to persuade the Social Security Administration that your pain and other symptoms disable  you.  If you are not currently represented, please fill out the form at the top of this page for a free claim evaluation.