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Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency, Pt. 3

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Chronic impairment of gas exchange due to clinically documented pulmonary disease – Gas exchange involves the interchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between air in the lungs’ alveoli and blood in capillaries. There are several steps to gas exchange, but the important consideration for this Listing is that COPD has compromised a person’s ability to process carbon dioxide. It is important to note that the tables in this section of the Listing offer different values. This is because of differences in oxygen levels based on altitude. Anyone living at sea level who has vacationed in a place that is at a significantly higher elevation, such as Denver or Mexico City, has likely experienced minor breathing difficulty. Testing under section C, part 1 measures the diffusing capacity of the lungs with a single breath. Part two measures blood gas values while the patient is at rest. Part three measures blood gas values during exercise. The latter is used less often, and should not be ordered for individuals with other diseases such as congestive heart failure, severe pulmonary hypertension, or acute illnesses.

Receiving benefits

Provided that the results of testing indicate your chronic pulmonary insufficiency falls within the proscribed ranges, and your diagnosis suggests that you are not likely to improve within a twelve month period, you should qualify for SSD. However, often individuals are asked to submit to an examination by a physician appointed by SSA. This is not an option if you wish to qualify. While it may seem redundant, this examination may be ordered if there is some question about results from other medical specialists.

It is likely that individuals who file for SSD for this condition have an extensive history of medical care. You need to include all relevant medical data in your application for disability. Don’t be discouraged if you are denied initially. This happens to the majority of applicants. You may need to go through two appeals and appear before an Administrative Law Judge before your claim is granted. This process may be difficult without the assistance of a New York disability attorney.

If you suffer from a disease characterized by chronic pulmonary insufficiency, and wish to file for SSD, call New York disability lawyer Herbert Forsmith at (212) 809-1772 for a free evaluation.