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Can I Get Disability Benefits for Cardiomyopathy? (Page One of Four)

The layer of cardiac muscle in the middle of the heart is called the “myocardium.” It does the actual work of contracting the heart to pump blood. Cardiomyopathy is a disease involving the deterioration of the myocardium. It limits your heart’s ability to pump blood to the rest of the body.

If you suffer from cardiomyopathy and it interferes with your ability to work, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration, or SSA, provides monthly disability benefits to individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from maintaining work. Having cardiomyopathy does not automatically qualify you for benefits, though. You will need to show that your cardiomyopathy meets or medically equals an SSA listing for cardiovascular impairment or that it prevents you from being able to work, considering your age, education, and work experience.

Meeting a Social Security Listing for Cardiovascular Impairment

There used to be a SSA listing for cardiomyopathy (Listing 4.08), but it no longer exists. It is still possible to qualify for disability benefits under Listings 4.02 (congestive heart failure), 4.04 (ischemic heart disease), or 4.05 (arrhythmia). Which listing you are most likely to qualify under depends on your specific medical circumstances. Different types of cardiomyopathy involve weakening, thickening, or enlarging of the heart muscle.

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